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Education for all

Digital learning in India is going to be the key face of future education in the subcontinent.  It is surprising to see how smart technologies are changing the overall educational framework in the country. The penetration of digital education into the hinterland / rural market is evolving fast. Affordable high-speed internet and direct-to-device technologies are empowering rural students to study courses online and improve their skills and knowledge.

The state of education in India is dismal, especially in rural areas. The sector is currently battling with grave challenges such as outdated teaching methods, shortage of teachers, inadequate student-teacher ratio, and insufficient teaching resources.

However, with the digitization of education, students in educationally backward areas are being taught with the help of the latest teaching tools and methodologies such as LCD screens, videos, etc. The technology is also helping teachers connect with students remotely spread across several locations at one time. Interactive digital media will certainly help in addressing the shortage of teachers in the country in the near future.