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Dinesh Gautam

(Founder )

Dinesh Kr Gautam is one of the smartest media & advertising minds in Indian media & advertising industry who often offer the most provocative take on the day’s news from the campaign trail and beyond.

Dinesh Kr Gautam – campaign validates an importance of the product and its USP. He’s often invited to high profile meetings and events, where other media & advertising professionals are neither welcomed nor allowed. Feisty and outspoken- that’s he is for you. He is the first and last word on Indian politics. He knows the issues and analyzes both with a deep sense of history and razor-sharp Advertising & PR instincts.

Dinesh Kr Gautam’s verdicts are always what Media and General Public would like to hear and advertisers also believe on him. Not because his pronouncement makes anything believable, but because he fully understands advertising & PR realities better than anyone else. He is a well-known face of Indian Advertising, PR & Media. Currently he is the Founder of Drishti Foundation Trust.