Drishti Foundation Trust – An Ideal CSR Partner

India has become the first country to mandate CSR; the ministry of corporate affairs has notified Section 135 and schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, which includes the provisions of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to come into effect from April 2014. By the effect of which every company which either has a net worth of Rs 500 crore or a turnover of Rs 100 crore or net profit of Rs 5 crore, needs to spend at least 2% of its average net profit of preceding three years on social responsibility activities.

This law can encourage realistic and operational models of engagement between stakeholders that can work towards empowerment of the society- the government, the NGO’s and the private sector.

Why Partner With Drishti Foundation Trust ? 

Drishti Foundation Trust is an NGO for CSR with pan-India presence and widespread rural outreach, directly impacting the lives of communities in the remotest of villages and urban slums spread across Nine states of India

More than 90% of funding for our welfare projects comes from the CSR corporate support, and consequently the same standards of governance and efficiency, and the culture of excellence flow through our own operations

Being a decade old organisation, we have already been able to channelize sizeable resources from responsible corporate, individuals and funding organizations, aiming to achieve the highest Social Return on Investment (SROI)

When we partner with an organization, we strive to get it and its employees directly involved in our welfare initiatives, making them an active participant in the process of bringing change at the grassroots ,making us one of the best NGOs for CSR in India

Having partnered with corporate, we have passed through the most rigorous due-diligence processes instituted by them through the SSG India Private Limited making it one of the best NGOs for corporate social responsibility.

Benefits to Corporate:

  1. Eligible under CSR Rules, Companies Act 2013.
  2. Eligible for Tax Exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act.
  3. Customize projects as per the need of the Donor Company.
  4. No minimum or maximum size of Donation. You may support us by any amount.
  5. All Documentation Support provided like 3 years Balance Sheet, Registration Certificate, etc.
  6. Project Name shall be on your organization name if you require.
  7. Promotions of your company on our Social Media Platforms and website.
  8. All the beneficiary of the projects can be seen and a meeting can be organized with them like in AGM or any other event of company.
  9. Your funds shall be used on the sector you choose – Education or Health Care

What we can do for corporates?

We, at Drishti Foundation Trust have a vast network of experienced, highly qualified and committed professionals, who have successful track record of dealing in various social initiatives from time to time. Over the years we have been associated with number of corporate houses as CSR partner/collaborators. At this juncture we offer our following specialized services to corporate sector;

Conceptualization and development of CSR Plans

  • Drishti Foundation Trust can conceptualize and develop CSR Plan for your company as per your requirements. However, we have already developed some projects, which can be sponsored or implemented by your company.

Implementation of CSR Initiatives

  • Sensible Implementation is the key to success of any CSR initiative. With its nationwide network of dedicated volunteers, Drishti Foundation Trust can effectively implement your CSR Initiatives in any part of the country.

Supervision of CSR initiatives

  • Drishti Foundation Trust can supervise/monitor your CSR initiatives in any part of the country and provide appropriate report to the company.

Social Audit of CSR initiatives

  • To maximize the impact of your CSR initiatives, Drishti Foundation Trust can conduct Social Audit for your CSR plans and submit timely report along with practical recommendations.

Development of CSR Communications and print material

  • Drishti Foundation Trust can develop, print and distribute communication material like newsletters, leaflets and other communications for corporate.

Baseline Survey/ Research for CSR Plans

  • Drishti Foundationl Research can undertake baseline and preliminary surveys on behalf of Corporates to devise its plans.

Employee Engagement in Social activities

  • Drishti Foundation Trust can engage employees of Corporate houses in its current or proposed social activities.

Event management for Corporates

  • With its experienced and qualified event management professionals, Drishti Foundation Trust can organize seminars, workshops and other events for coporates.

PR exercises for CSR division

  • Drishti Foundation Trust can also manage PR and media relation exercises on behalf of corporate houses.

Why Drishti Foundation Trust ?

Since Drishti Foundation Trust is a not-for-profit organization, project costs will be competitive and surplus income will be utilized to support Drishti Foundation Trust s initiatives for the welfare of elderly.

Wide range of qualified, experienced and dedicated professions from almost all sectors is available with Drishti Foundation Trust. They are eager to offer their services/expertise free of cost to any collaborating corporate.

We support corporates to plan, design and deliver their CSR initiatives strategically and follows best-practices and work-ethics delivery approach to ensure that donor funds are utilized effectively and influence the stakeholder’s lives.

Drishti Foundation Trust adheres strictly to process based framework that includes due diligence and follow up, monitoring and evaluation exercises of programs and projects taken up by corporations and institutions.

The best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes combine financial support with innovative approaches for sharing business assets and knowledge. From planning and reviewing your corporate social responsibility strategy, to implementing it, we assist in delivering your objectives.

Drishti Foundation Trust recognizes that the combined impact of giving, engagement and partnerships can be maximized by developing strategic approaches with ambitious and achievable objectives.

We help drive your CSR performance by building a long term sustainable strategy and provide an innovative solution-driven response to CSR initiatives. Drishti Foundation Trust, with its 8 years of expertise and experience of working with corporates is ideally positioned to develop strategies that will make a difference to your business and to the communities you wish to help. We offer a range of advisory services to help you develop, implement and evaluate your corporate responsibility program and ensure it continues to deliver against the objectives you set.

Whether you’re looking for advice on designing an effective CSR strategy, support on developing sustainable partnerships with organizations or guidance on maximizing your impact, we provide high-end technical advisory support to Corporates.

How we do it

  • We develop a framework that will enable corporates to run the program effectively across multiple locations.
  • We work through an iterative and staged process and ensure that we draw key internal and external stakeholders, review and build on our learnings.
  • We take into account, both, business and social factors to ensure that your strategy is fit for purpose and has the in-built flexibility to develop with your business and the changing social context.
  • We define your key performance indicators and show how they can be achieved throughout your business, your employees and your giving.

With our programmatic expertise, we conceptualize, design and strategize, for efficient and effective management and implementation of programs.

We ensure that program design reflects local developmental needs and creates sustainable shared value for communities, turning your CSR strategy into reality. We support our clients through regular reviews and develop their programs in a dynamic environment. We have an established set of measurements and models to achieve this.


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