vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission Statements:

Mission Statement 

DFT aims at the holistic development and betterment of society and works in the UN priority areas supporting the big fights to end the health, education and environment related issues parallel to the current objectives of the United Nations.

Vision Statement 

Its mission is to create a more inclusive India by pioneering a comprehensive approach to addressing our country’s diverse development issues.

Achieve organizational goals by providing a clear guideline to make effective business decisions with the use of this fully customizable vision & mission statement.


To accelerate philanthropic service and help transform the society aiding in community -led changes.


To be a trusted and preferred social service organization in providing services in education, health, environment and focus on humanitarian development.


Our Values reflects who we are and what we stand for as Organization


We develop a relationship that make a positive difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.


We provide outstanding services and care and that, together, deliver happiness to our beneficiaries.


We uphold the highest standard of Integrity in all of our actions.

Team Work

We work together, across boundaries meet the needs of our customers and to help the humanity win.

Respect for People

We value our People, encourage their development and reward their performance.

Good Citizenship

We are good citizens in the communities in which we live and work.

A Will to Serve Mankind

We exhibit a strong will to serve the mankind for the betterment of their lives.

Personal Accountability

We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments with our Donors.


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