Purchase Policy

Drishti Foundation Trust, a global philanthropy organization committed to Health, Education, and Environment, has consistently upheld the highest standards of transparency and accountability throughout its decade-long journey. As a testament to our dedication to ethical practices, we proudly present our Purchase Policy, a cornerstone of our commitment to responsible and impactful philanthropy.

Ethical Sourcing and Fair Practices

At Drishti Foundation Trust, we believe in the power of ethical sourcing to drive positive change. Our Purchase Policy is rooted in the principles of fairness and integrity. We prioritise suppliers and partners who share our commitment to social responsibility, ensuring that every procurement decision aligns with our mission and values.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of our Purchase Policy. We actively seek suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices, minimising the environmental footprint of our operations. From eco-friendly materials to responsible packaging, our procurement decisions contribute to a healthier planet.

Collaboration with Local Communities

Our commitment to community empowerment extends to our purchasing decisions. Whenever possible, we prioritize sourcing from local communities, supporting small businesses and local economies. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of community engagement and ensures that our purchases contribute to the well-being of the regions we serve.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency is the bedrock of our Purchase Policy. We openly communicate our sourcing criteria, supplier relationships, and procurement processes. This level of transparency not only builds trust with our stakeholders but also allows us to be held accountable for our purchasing decisions.

Compliance with Global Standards

Drishti Foundation Trust operates on a global scale, and our Purchase Policy adheres to international compliance standards. We are committed to upholding ethical norms, fair trade practices, and human rights in all our procurement activities, ensuring that our impact is positive and far-reaching.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

Our Purchase Policy is a dynamic framework that evolves with the changing landscape of ethical practices. We continuously assess and enhance our policies to reflect emerging best practices in procurement, guaranteeing that our processes remain aligned with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

In conclusion, Drishti Foundation Trust’s Purchase Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on health, education, and the environment while upholding the values of fairness, transparency, and environmental sustainability. By ensuring that our procurement practices align with our broader mission, we strive to set a gold standard for ethical philanthropy.

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