Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Donation to Drishti Foundation Trust

1. Why should I donate to Drishti Foundation Trust?

Drishti Foundation Trust has been dedicated to making a meaningful impact for over a decade in critical areas such as Health, Education, and Environment. Your donation helps us sustain and expand our initiatives, contributing to positive changes globally.

2. How will my donation be utilised?

Your contribution directly supports our ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at improving healthcare access, enhancing educational opportunities, and promoting environmental sustainability. We ensure that your donation is utilised efficiently and effectively towards impactful initiatives.

3. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, Drishti Foundation Trust is a registered non-profit philanthropic organization. Donations made to us are eligible for tax exemptions as per the prevailing laws governing charitable contributions in your respective country.

4. Can I specify how I want my donation to be used?

Absolutely. While making your donation, you can choose to allocate your contribution towards a specific cause or project within Health, Education, or Environment. We respect your preferences and ensure that your donation supports the area you designate.

5. Are there different ways to donate?

Yes, we offer multiple avenues for donations. You can donate securely online through our website, set up recurring donations, contribute through bank transfers, or explore other donation methods mentioned on our platform. Additionally, we welcome corporate partnerships and collaborations for impactful philanthropic ventures.

6. Can I get information on the impact of my donation?

Certainly. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Following your donation, we provide regular updates, reports, and impact assessments showcasing how your contribution has made a difference in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.

7. Are there any minimum or maximum donation amounts?

We appreciate donations of all sizes, as every contribution, no matter the amount, significantly contributes to our collective efforts. There are no strict minimum or maximum donation limits. Your generosity makes a meaningful impact, regardless of the size of your donation.

8. How can I stay updated on Drishti Foundation Trust’s activities?

You can subscribe to our newsletters, follow our social media channels, or visit our website regularly to stay informed about our latest initiatives, success stories, and upcoming projects. Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to us directly for any specific inquiries or information.

9. Is there a secure method to donate online?

Absolutely. Our online donation platform ensures a secure and encrypted payment process, safeguarding your personal and financial information. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.

International Donations

1. Can international donors contribute to Drishti Foundation Trust?

Absolutely! We welcome donations from individuals and organisations globally who wish to support our initiatives aimed at Health, Education, and Environment. Your support transcends borders and helps us create a lasting impact.

2. Are international donations tax-deductible?

Tax regulations vary from country to country. We advise international donors to check their local tax laws regarding charitable contributions to organisations based outside their country. However, Drishti Foundation Trust is a registered non-profit philanthropic organization, and your donation directly supports our impactful projects.

3. What are the accepted payment methods for international donations?

International donors can make contributions securely through various methods, including international bank transfers, online payment platforms, or specific international donation portals provided on our website. We ensure a hassle-free and secure donation process for our international supporters.

4. Can I donate in a foreign currency?

Yes, we accept donations in multiple currencies. Our donation platforms usually offer options to donate in various currencies to accommodate our international supporters.

Domestic Donations

5. Are donations made within India eligible for tax benefits?

Yes, Drishti Foundation Trust is registered under the relevant sections of the Indian Income Tax Act, making donations eligible for tax deductions as per prevailing Indian tax laws. Donors will receive a receipt and necessary documentation for claiming tax benefits.

6. What are the preferred modes of donation for domestic contributors in India?

Donors within India can contribute via online payments through our secure donation portal, bank transfers, cheque payments, or other methods mentioned on our website. We strive to offer convenient options for our domestic supporters.

7. Can I direct my domestic donation to a specific cause or project?

Certainly. When making a donation, you have the flexibility to designate your contribution towards a particular area of focus within our Health, Education, or Environment initiatives.

General Inquiries

8. How can I receive a receipt or confirmation for my donation?

Upon successful completion of your donation, whether international or domestic, we promptly issue a donation receipt or confirmation. Please ensure to provide accurate contact details during the donation process to receive the necessary documentation.

9. How can I stay informed about Drishti Foundation Trust’s impact and activities post-donation?

We regularly update our donors about our initiatives, impact stories, and ongoing projects through newsletters, email updates, social media, and our website. Your donation plays a vital role in our endeavours, and we are committed to keeping you informed about the positive changes you help create.

10. Where can I find more information or contact Drishti Foundation Trust for donation-related queries?

For further information or assistance regarding donations, tax benefits, specific projects, or any other inquiries, please reach out to our dedicated team at CONTACT. We are eager to assist and provide guidance to ensure your donation experience is seamless and rewarding.

Your support through donations, whether international or domestic, is instrumental in driving impactful change and contributing to a better world for all. Thank you for considering Drishti Foundation Trust for your generous contributions.

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