Since its founding on September 28, 2012, the Drishti Foundation Trust has become a symbol of optimism, committed to improving communities throughout the world. The Drishti Foundation Trust is a global non-profit and philanthropic NGO that has continuously worked to address important health, education, and environmental challenges. 

Drishti Foundation Trust: Improving Health, Education, and Environment to Change Lives

Since its founding, the Trust has accomplished major milestones in pursuit of its aim to promote inclusive and sustainable solutions. Getting “Special Consultative Status” from the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2017 is one of the greatest accomplishments. 

The organisation has been able to work closely with the UN and support global development projects thanks to its unique position. In-depth discussions of the Drishti Foundation Trust’s notable accomplishments in the areas of health, education, and the environment round out this page.

Initiatives for Health

1. Healthcare Accessibility in Underprivileged Areas:

Recognising the stark differences in healthcare access, the Drishti Foundation Trust set out to close the gap, especially in underprivileged areas. In order to give those who previously had little or no access to healthcare vital medical services, the organisation has set up health clinics, mobile medical units, and health camps in isolated locations over the years. Because to this endeavour, health outcomes have improved dramatically, general well-being has been increased, and the prevalence of preventable diseases has decreased.

2. Programmes for Disease Prevention and Immunisation:

The Drishti Foundation Trust has carried out substantial immunisation and disease prevention programmes in partnership with international partners and local health agencies. These programmes have been extremely important in lowering the prevalence of diseases that can be prevented by vaccination and strengthening community resistance to medical emergencies. The Trust’s dedication to public health has helped the global fight against infectious diseases to reach important milestones in their eradication and management.

3. Mental Health Education and Assistance:

Understanding the value of mental health, the Drishti Foundation Trust has supported programmes that attempt to lessen stigma, increase understanding, and offer assistance for mental health concerns. The organisation addresses the often overlooked element of mental health by holding workshops, training sessions, and community outreach programmes. By these initiatives, the Trust has improved the lives of innumerable people and promoted a more sympathetic and perceptive attitude towards mental health.

Initiatives in Education

1. Universal Education

The Drishti Foundation Trust has been instrumental in advocating for education as an essential entitlement for every individual. The organisation has carried out initiatives to improve underprivileged and marginalised groups’ access to high-quality education. This covers the founding of educational institutions, giving out scholarships, and launching projects to upgrade the facilities used for teaching. In many areas, the Trust has broken the cycle of poverty by emphasising education as a tool for empowerment.

2. Programmes for Skill Development:

In order to provide people with the skills they need for sustainable lifestyles, the Drishti Foundation Trust has initiated skill development programmes in response to the changing demands of the labour market. These initiatives, which range from computer literacy to career training, have given people the tools they need to find fulfilling work and have a positive impact on their communities. Beyond traditional academic learning, the Trust is committed to comprehensive education, which includes the practical skills required for a world that is changing quickly.

3. Using Technology in Teaching:

Recognising technology’s revolutionary potential, Drishti Foundation Trust has incorporated cutting-edge educational resources into its initiatives. This includes giving communities and schools access to computers, the internet, and digital learning materials. Through the use of technology, the organisation has improved the standard of instruction while also encouraging a culture of inquiry and adaptability in the students, thereby equipping them for the demands of the digital age.

Green Projects

1. Conservation and Reforestation:

The Drishti Foundation Trust has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental preservation, acknowledging the pressing necessity of tackling climate change. Millions of trees have been planted by the organisation as part of its flagship forestry initiatives to stop deforestation and restore ecosystems. The Trust has made a significant contribution to carbon sequestration and raised awareness of the vital role that forests play in preserving ecological balance by actively involving local communities in these efforts.

2. Initiatives for Clean Energy:

The Drishti Foundation Trust has started clean energy projects in line with international efforts to move towards sustainable energy sources. In order to lessen reliance on non-renewable resources, this involves promoting solar energy in remote places. In addition, the Trust has put in place energy-efficiency initiatives, promoting prudent energy use and helping to lower carbon emissions.

3. Education and Advocacy for the Environment:

Understanding the value of environmental education, the Trust has created extensive initiatives to increase public knowledge of environmental concerns. This includes public awareness campaigns, training sessions, and community outreach initiatives that highlight how human activity and the environment are intertwined. Through relationships with environmental organisations and stakeholders, Drishti Foundation Trust has amplified its effect in advocating for sustainable practices on a local and worldwide scale.

The Special Consultative Status of the United Nations

The Drishti Foundation Trust’s receipt of “Special Consultative Status” from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2017 is among its most significant accomplishments. This unique status is a testament to the Trust’s dedication to furthering the UN’s goals and ideals in the areas of social, economic, and related subjects. The Drishti Foundation Trust now has the opportunity to actively interact with UN agencies, take part in forums, and offer its knowledge to international debates on important topics.

Regarding health, the Trust has worked with UN agencies in support of global health efforts, exchanging best practices and helping to formulate approaches to health-related issues. In order to achieve inclusive and equitable education for everyone, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education) has benefited greatly from the collaboration of the Drishti Foundation Trust. Furthermore, the Trust has actively engaged in global efforts to address climate change in the environmental domain, coordinating its programmes with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action).

In addition to raising Drishti Foundation Trust’s reputation, the special consultative status has improved its ability to lobby for policy changes, more efficiently mobilise resources, and take part in international decision-making processes. The UN’s faith and confidence in the organization’s dedication to having a good global influence is reflected in this distinction.

In summary

Drishti Foundation Trust is proud of its accomplishments, but it is unwavering in its resolve to bring about a society where everyone’s health, education, and environment come first. The organization’s journey from its founding in 2012 to achieving special consultative status with the UN in 2017 is evidence of its commitment to improving communities around the globe. Drishti Foundation Trust is working towards a future in which sustainable development is not only an ideal but a reality for every person by continuing to develop, innovate, and collaborate in order to address the ever-changing issues that humanity faces.

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