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Field Visits are very important part of assessment of a situation. It gives real picture of the whole working process. With this mindset, I (one of the Trust Member of Drishti Foundation Trust) went on field assessment of the Mobile Health Van, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) during internship of different Universities students across India.


The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area is renowned for its grandeur, as it houses the seat of power in India’s capital city. However, beneath the sheen of this urban centre lies a stark contrast – the NDMC slum areas. These pockets of poverty and marginalized living conditions often go unnoticed. In this blog, we embark on a journey to shed light on the realities of NDMC slum areas, to understand the challenges residents face and the resilience that defines their daily lives.

About Mobile Health Van:

Mobile Health Van is a very commendable health initiative taken by Indian Government. The aim to provide First Aid, Health Checkups & Medicines in New Delhi Constituency as a part of social service to all the people. Presently, the Mobile Health Van main agenda is to provide medical facility to the patients at their doorstep, therefore I got the opportunity to visit many places in Delhi which include the 38 notified slums areas, e.g. Kautilya Marg; Kali Bari, Ashirwad Old Age Home, Rakab Ganj Sahib Gurudwara, Talkatora Park region, Sandhya Home for older citizens, Netaji Nagar etc.

The Unseen Struggles:

As I walked through the narrow lanes of NDMC’s slum areas, the stark contrast with the affluent neighbourhoods nearby was undeniable. Overcrowding, poor sanitation, health concerns like skin diseases, Conjunctivitis( an eye infection), likely more prone to seasonal variations diseases and limited access to clean water were some of the immediate challenges I observed. Further, the absence of basic amenities was a glaring issue, and it was evident that the residents were battling these hardships daily.

Community Resilience:

Despite the adversity they face, the residents of NDMC slum areas demonstrated incredible resilience. I had the opportunity to interact with several individuals, and their stories were both inspiring and heart-wrenching. Many of them had migrated from rural areas in search of a better life. In addition to despite these struggles, they shared their determination to overcome their current circumstances.

Our Initiatives:

One ray of hope in the NDMC slum areas is the presence of DFT working tirelessly to improve the lives of residents. As well as developing future leaders by providing Internship in Social Cause/SDGs/ CSR/Community Development to different Universities across the India. We often provide healthcare services including medical clinics, vaccination programs, and health education,we raise awareness about health issues. We often collaborate with communities and government agencies to implement sustainable solutions for sanitation and also enhance educational opportunities.

The Need for Change:

Basically, as I concluded my visit, evidently it was clear that the NDMC slum areas need immediate attention. It is not enough to rely solely on the efforts of Drishti Foundation Trust. A comprehensive government approach is required to address the root causes of poverty and marginalization. Improved access to education, sanitation, healthcare, and decent living conditions are essential to uplift the lives of these residents.


In conclusion, my visit to the NDMC slum areas was an eye-opening experience. It highlighted the stark inequalities that persist in the heart of a metropolis like New Delhi. The stories of resilience and the tireless efforts of Drishti Foundation Trust serve as a beacon of hope. But systemic change is necessary to uplift the lives of the slum dwellers. Additionally we must not ignore to these hidden realities, but rather work collectively to bring about positive change and create a more inclusive society.

Note: This Personal Blog is based on Freelancer Writer’s personal experiences and opinions during visit. (Preety Chaudhary,Trustee, Drishti Foundation Trust)

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