In today’s rapidly urbanising world, the need for environmental conservation and sustainable development has never been more pressing. Recognising this urgency, Drishti Foundation Trust, a global non-profit organization with “Special Consultative Status” from ECOSOC of the United Nations since 2017, has embarked on a transformative initiative known as Mission Million Trees. This initiative aims to combat deforestation, mitigate climate change, and foster biodiversity by planting one million trees in various cities across the globe. In collaboration with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and supported by Indusind Bank as a CSR Partner, Drishti Foundation Trust has successfully planted and maintained 13,000 trees in Hyderabad, marking a significant milestone in its mission.

Transforming Hyderabad's Landscape: Drishti Foundation Trust's Mission Million Trees Initiative

The Genesis of Mission Million Trees

The inspiration behind Mission Million Trees stemmed from the dire need to address the escalating environmental challenges facing our planet. Deforestation, pollution, and climate change have taken a toll on ecosystems worldwide, threatening biodiversity and exacerbating natural disasters. Drishti Foundation Trust recognised the pivotal role that trees play in mitigating these issues and conceptualised Mission Million Trees as a proactive response to the environmental crisis.

Collaborative Partnerships for Sustainable Impact

Central to the success of Mission Million Trees is the spirit of collaboration among various stakeholders. Drishti Foundation Trust forged a strategic partnership with the GHMC, the municipal body responsible for urban forestry in Hyderabad. Together, they devised a comprehensive plan for tree planting, site selection, and maintenance, leveraging the GHMC’s expertise in urban planning and environmental management. Additionally, Indusind Bank stepped in as a CSR Partner, providing crucial financial support and resources to ensure the initiative’s success.

Planting Seeds of Change in Hyderabad 3

Hyderabad, known for its rapid urbanisation and burgeoning population, faces significant environmental challenges, including air pollution and deforestation. In response, Drishti Foundation Trust identified Hyderabad as a key location for implementing Mission Million Trees. Over the course of several months, volunteers, community members, and GHMC officials joined forces to plant 13,000 trees across the city. These trees, including native species such as neem, banyan, and peepal, were strategically planted in parks, public spaces, and along roadways to maximise their environmental impact.

Transforming Hyderabad's Landscape: Drishti Foundation Trust's Mission Million Trees Initiative

Nurturing and Sustaining Green Spaces

Planting trees is just the first step in the journey towards environmental sustainability. Drishti Foundation Trust understands the importance of nurturing and sustaining green spaces for long-term impact. To this end, the organization has implemented a comprehensive maintenance plan, which includes regular watering, pruning, and monitoring of the planted trees. Additionally, community engagement initiatives, such as tree adoption programs and environmental education workshops, are being conducted to instil a sense of ownership and responsibility among residents.

Celebrating Success and Looking Towards the Future

The successful planting and maintenance of 13,000 trees in Hyderabad mark a significant milestone for Mission Million Trees. However, the journey is far from over. Drishti Foundation Trust remains committed to its mission of planting one million trees globally and continues to expand its efforts in other cities and regions. With the support of dedicated volunteers, collaborative partners, and concerned citizens, Mission Million Trees aims to create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


Mission Million Trees exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing pressing environmental issues. By bringing together government agencies, corporate partners, and community members, Drishti Foundation Trust has demonstrated that meaningful change is possible when we work together towards a common goal. As Mission Million Trees continues to grow and expand, it serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter, greener future for our planet.

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